Decentralized Video Platform

P2P Video Storage + Smart Contract Voting + Blockchain Technology

Our Features and Ambitions

benefits of product

P2P Video Storage

Uploaded video store decentralized in network. People earn coins for storage video

benefits of product

Smart Contract Voting

No moderation. People with smart contract voting create own universal.

benefits of product

SWARM integration

People can watch, share or store video with coins.



All the interaction with video is done through the CoinTube service. The service will include a web version, Android/iOS application, and software solutions. There is no moderation in the system; therefore all decisions are taken by the system participants.

  • 2017 – development of Web-solutions, Android/IOS mobile applications as well as software-applications. Experience with popular bloggers (contracts for video posting in our service).
  • 2018 – creation of the internal online market for buying/selling currency as well as advertising video market.

Information about ICO Token Sale

CoinTube – is a private decentralized video system. The video is not stored on a central server, but it is shared between network members. Network members using the internal currency can share video, store or view it.

  • Platform: Ethereum / WAVES
  • Name: CoinTube
  • Coin code: CTB
  • Value: 88.800.000
  • Start time: 01 August 2017
  • Invest limit: 50.000 ETH
  • Discounts: Available
  • Token information: READ NOW

CoinTube Community

First, the user can set filters and exclude unwanted video with the help of CoinTube solutions. Also, he can watch videos of popular Tubers using the collection. Secondly, the technology of smart contracts is implemented in the system. By means of it, users can independently promote or block the video.

  • Tuber community
  • Keeper community

Meet The Team

Folks who created this awesome product

Team Member

Founder, Digital Marketing Expert. 5 years in Digital Advertising. Founder Affiliate Marketing Agency - Co-founder B2B SAAS service -

Dmitriy Boshenyatov

CEO, Digital Marketing Expert
Team Member

Co-founder, Communication. Elena 2 years work as Make-up Artist in Moscow on video / photo shooting. She has blog in Instagram.

Elena Bosheniatova

Co-founder, Communication
Team Member

6 years' experience in embedded control systems, instrumentation, and data acquisition applications, with an increasing involvement in blockchain projects over the past 2 years. Provides consultation and development on any of the above, including Ethereum distributed applications and smart contracts, data analytics and machine learning applications through Intellimatix OÜ.

Jefferson Davis

Ethereum / Blockchain Developer

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